dimanche 12 juillet 2009

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Soul Purpose: Awaken Your Perfect Self

by Kent D Schuette

Product Description

There is something profound happening in the world of science, the healing arts and religion. We are on the dawn of a new age of awakening. You and I are living at a time of revelation, a time when the reality of who we really are and what we are made of is coming into focus. Science and theology are beginning to meld into a cohesive new paradigm, one that opens the door to possibilities that were once thought only to be science fiction. This new science recognizes that we are more than just a biological fluke made up of flesh and bone, nerves and tissue. We are in essence the three dimensional container of a soul. Our soul is the essence of who we are. It is the animator of our life. Soul Purpose, Awaken Your Perfect Self is a series of eight lessons which incorporates what the message of this new science is indicating; that we have access to the wisdom of the Creator of the universe and by accessing this wisdom we can change the reality of our life experience. We can change our health, our relationships, our careers, virtually everything in our life. Our souls are the pathway to this eternal wisdom and the vehicle to unleashing this life changing power.

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