samedi 26 septembre 2009

The sheer stupidity of homeopathy

This is just too good to be left unnoticed: Depleted Cranium, an excellent blog I've just found via the JREF website, has a fantastic post about the actual tenets of homeopathy (richly illustrated). Many people somehow think that homeopathy has something to do with "plants" or whatever, and is an actual sort of medicine. Now every time I explained to people what homeopathy actually is, they just couldn't believe me. This is the biggest strength of this legalized piece of crackpottery: people just don't know what it is about. Those who do know the "theoretical" principles of homepathy, and still use/sell it, are usually forced to resort to pseudoscientific nonsense having to do with "water's memory", "resonance", "morphic fields" and the expected load of quantum hokum. Accordingly, the essay concludes thusly: "The quantum world of subatomic particles may be strange, but homeopathy is just stupid."

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