samedi 5 septembre 2009

Judge a book by its cover: the apparition

I've just discovered this wonderful blog called "Judge a book by its cover", and it does just that, judge books by their covers. And boy, some of them are just wonderful!
I've got quite some awful books myself, and I figured I could share some of them with you on this blog, now and then. I shouldn't proceed this way, but I can't help starting with the worst one. This book is absolutely harrowing to read*, but the cover alone made it worth purchasing (to all NDE lovers out there, you definitely want to have a copy of this one though):

* Some time ago, I wrote a book chapter that one reviewer also described as "harrowing to read". I still don't know if this referred to my writing per se or to the fact that the chapter described in vivid detail the awful experience of tabetic pain by Alphonse Daudet...

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