lundi 22 juin 2009

The Phantomologist is just born

Welcome to the Phantomologist, my new blog. My name is Sebastian Dieguez, I am a PhD student working on the cognitive neuroscience of self-awareness, I live in Lausanne (Switzerland), I am Spanish, and if you come back here you will perhaps learn more about me.
Here's some info about what I plan to do here: the phantomologist will be a bilingual (french-english) blog mostly about my opinions on science, beliefs, the neurosciences, the human body, religion, politics, local affairs, AND SO FORTH.
Why the "Phantomologist"? Well, following the prophetic Stanislaw Lem and its current guru Peter Brugger, "phantomology" can be defined as the science "whose aim [it] is to study the virtual reality of bodily awareness - from phantom limb to phantom body". This seems a bit over-specialized stuff, but when you get to the bottom of the idea you realize that it encompasses pretty much anything remotely associated with the human mind and human behaviour, which is extremely convenient when you plan to discuss phantom limbs, out-of-body experiences, and doppelgangers, but also pseudoscience, art, politics and stupidity in general.
I will try to balance the number of posts in english and in french, but it might very well turn out that the choice of language will depend on the topic adressed. Well, in any case I think that this is an interesting experiment, as I don't know of any other bilingual blog (but then I haven't really looked for one).

Good, so that was my introduction. Stick around for the upcoming display of arrogance and sarcasm, this should be fun.

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